On Lake Time: Cruising the Caliraya Lake at Aquascape


If I may to quote a saying, “Not all lakes dream to be an ocean.” That’s true. Lakes are as beautiful as the ocean and sea. They all have chops. They all have foamies at the shore. More importantly, they all bring inner peace, soothing and tranquil vibes to complete a perfect vacation.
Good news, you can experience your dream lake time at Aquascape by Cottages and more- which is  few hours away from the Metro.

I discovered this place while browsing on my Instragram. I fell in love with the place right at the moment I saw my friend’s post. I searched more about  it and other photos to verify the beauty of the place. After I got the approval and consolidated the free time of my chosen companions, I sent reservation to their email and booked their floating cottage. It was November of 2016 that time and the only available weekend for their floating cottage is last week of January 2017. What can we do if that’s the earliest possible time for our desire but to book according to the available date. LOL.

Clearing the decks.

I’m certain that as you do you your research about the place, these questions will eventually pop out of your mind and will confuse you. What is Eco Saddle? What is Aquascape and what is Mt. Carmel? What should I pin to my Waze?
To clarify things out. The owner of the Aquascape is now currently renting a portion of now called Mt. Carmel formerly known as Eco Saddle. This portion is now a haven for nature lovers. You can still find Eco Saddle pinned in either google maps or waze, but there are no signs of Eco Saddle along the way.

We rented their floating cottage for PHP 5,000/night (good for 4). Additional 500 if you’ll maximize it to 5 persons. But as of March 2017, their new published rate for this floating cottage is PHP 6,000.00/night. Still, reasonable for me. I heard they now have  a new and bigger floating cottage that can accommodate for 6 pax for PHP 12,000/night. Check in is 2:00 in the afternoon and check out is 12:00 in the afternoon of the next day. Something to pray over with- if there is no booking placed next to your lodging date, you are allowed to stay a little bit longer. 

Aside from these floating cottages, they have other rooms to rent a follows:

Left: Mahjong Room. PHP 3,000/night (4 persons only)
Right:Villa 8. PHP 5,000/nigh (maximum of 10 pesons)

Left: Tree House. PHP 5,000/night (7 persons only)
Right. Karaoke Room. PHP 4,000/night (4 persons only)

Left: Villa Terrace. PHP 4,500/night (4 persons only)
Right: Villa 4. PHP 3,000/night (4 persons only)

The Floating Cottage Experience

Our stay is inclusive of 1 hour cruise at Caliraya lake and access to free amenities such as fish spa and Jacuzzi. Since the resort is not a fully commercialized one, it doesn’t have food to offer inside. But our room is fully equipped with utensils and stove. We were advised ahead of time to bring our own food- free of corkage fee. Thanks to Nica Set , my colleague- for her cooking skills and Ate Salve, the caretaker of the resort, for being so accommodating in attending all your needs. There is no refrigerator inside our cottage so she offered her their common ref to us. She also helped us in grilling our food for dinner. And thanks to those folks who were lodged facing our cottage for offering their “gaas”. If not to them and to Ate Salve, we might even checked out with our liempo uncooked. LOL. 
Cruising time depends on your preferred time, we chose 3:00 in the afternoon. Weather is a battling drizzle and sunshine plus strong winds. Good thing the cruise went smoothly with no disturbing waves.


Grilled Liempo

Our official model, Mavi!

They offer fun water activities. Initially, we availed their ATV ride when we booked. However we were informed on the day of our visit that they no longer offer the ATV ride since the field is already planted with crops. So the owner decided to give us a jet ski ride instead, without any additional fee.  Their ATV ride per 15 mins costs PHP 600/2 persons, while Jet ski costs PHP 4,000/hr of ride for 2 persons.  Who cares about the disappointment of not riding the ATV? HAHAHA


Stars are visible in the least busy place. Lights off!

We checked out past 12:00 in the afternoon of Sunday, due to increment weather condition. Without our side trips, we might arrive at Cavite around 3:00 in the afternoon. Thanks for a fun and safe ride Ray!

How to go Aquascape?

By Public Transport:
From the bus terminal of either Buendia or Cubao, take the Sta.Cruz Laguna bound route and get off at Sta. Cruz Laguna (PHP160). Take a jeep going to Lumot, Caliraya and get off at Mt. Carmel aka Eco Saddle/Aquascape (PHP30).By Service:
Eco Saddle/Aquascape offers a hi-ace van for rent  at PHP6,000 roundtrip inclusive of driver’s fee and gas. Pick-up and drop-off points can be discussed.

By  Car:
Search for Eco-Saddle Park in Waze.
Travel time is 3-4 hours from Manila.
There is an PHP80/person entrance fee for an overnight stay, charged by the local barangay.

Breakdown of Expenses:

rates caliraya

The Verdict:



a. As per the caretaker, best season to visit the place is March to June.
b. Since the floating cottage has no solid base, you might experience motion sickness so please bring medicine in case.
c. Make sure your cameras and smartphones are fully charged to capture awesome and instagrammable moments.