Why Travel?

At some point down the road, you’ll feel exhausted without even remembering where were your energies meted for. You won’t remember the amount of efforts and time you spent working or your struggles while battling the magnetic field of your bed every morning and the everyday traffic consuming your energy while heading to your office which is even no relief anyway because piles of work are awaiting you.
Remember work is just and should be only a portion of your life. But good thing, you aren’t stuck to that situation the entire time of your life. Treat yourself outside the monotony of your life.  TRAVEL.  It gives you the opportunity to disconnect yourself from our regular life. Explore to discover yourself and discern how small you are in the entire universe. Connect with new friends and faces. Feel the heat of the sun while running in the stretch of white sands. More importantly, travel while you can.
Its never too late to start a new way of living. If Yesterday wasn’t that happy. Then try something different for Tomorrow. Don’t stay stuck. Pack your things and go out for some adventure!

About the Blogger.

The author is Rommel Sarno. He is a slight backpacker, a slight photography hobbyist, a slight drone pilot, a slight son of a beach (but no swimmer) but a 100% adventuresome and a budget traveler. Growing up, he is outrageous. He can’t stay in one place. After school, he rush to play outside before doing my home works. He play street football (playing without the concrete back ground of the mechanics) and soccer. (Now that he’s already earning, do you think he’ll stay foot? LOL.)
He is a 22 year old yuppie from Cavite working at Taguig. He is a Contracts Specialist during weekdays (drafting and monitoring all promises entered by his Employer and its vendors- YES! A PROMISE KEEPER).
He started roaming around some parts of the country year 2016. He promised himself to experience the marvelous beauty of this country and to inspire others to travel as well by his works of art (travel filming and photography).
He created this blog to:
1. Inspire many to travel.
2. Share timely information about the destinations he’s been and guide travelers on a budget-friendly way.
3. Promote the beauty of the Philippines
The author may be an adrift and geographical idiot traveler, but he’ll make sure his blogs will take you to where exactly you’re heading! You may leave your comments and suggestions in the comment box below. You may also follow him on my social media accounts below: